Sir Godfrey Gregg

Love is a big pothole which people dig themselves and decide to keep falling into that every second till their senses come alive of which there are minimal chances.

And the worse is that this is an irreversible reaction. You can never be like what you were.

Okay, so before judging me for all that extreme negative vibes I just instilled, let me take you through the insight of this ‘ true love never dies’ TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

A relationship which protects you from all of the above can be found, I don’t say it is impossible. You may meet the right person at the right time and all that blah blah.

What is impossible is to keep that intact for years and years ahead with both of you not getting hurt from each other and sorting that out if you do.

  • That level of commitment is difficult.
  • That level of understanding and acceptance is difficult.

At one point of time, what happens is that the mutual belief for each other is lost. That respect,(after we have already sacrificed all the self respect and ego) once gone is difficult to recover. And what is more hurtful than knowing that your partner holds no pride in being with you or doubts you for what you are rather than believing in you.

What fades is the importance of the thought process, the choices, the decisions, the suggestions and the state of mind of the other person. Suddenly listening is too mainstream. Sometimes all we need is to be heard without being judged. And with time, when you are forced to mature, you lose the legacy of not being judged, which I think is quite another reason why love doesn’t last forever.

But then, sometimes being with them is more than anything you ever want to get in your life. So if you can keep throwing all of that issues in that pothole beside your pothole of love, to love them for every tiny bit of your day till you fall asleep, then you are a keeper.

All in all, love is difficult than economics and physics and everyone cannot solve the level of complexity it involves. Congratulations to the man who said true love never dies. Because my friend, false love doesn’t exist and true love is too difficult to keep alive.

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