Lack of integrity among politicians now the norm


Sir Godfrey Gregg 

Letter: Lack of integrity among politicians now the norm

On one of my public messages, a man like me of the Ministerial Order remarked that we were the last generation to believe that our government was telling us the truth. His point was that we naively believed what we were told about time may it be the state of the economy, COVID-19 or the true integrity of the individual or the party.

When corporate leaders deceive the public, make serious errors in judgment, or commit transgressions against the public, they and the corporation suffer economically, may be subject to fines, and can be fired.

When our government leaders deliberately mislead or lie to us, there is no immediate consequence. We would never hire or retain an employee who lacks personal integrity or responsibility yet we seem to have come to accept that the lack of integrity in political leadership is the norm.

One can say, “shame on us,” but there is also the reality that the time between the transgression and the ballot box offers great protection to politicians and diminishes our power of citizenship.

Our people, our citizens need to be more educated about the laws that cover the politicians and begin to challenge the integrity of these men and women who are known lawbreakers. Take them to coirt and let the court decides the state and faith of some of these men and women who are seeking elected offices.

To start learn to understand the rules of the House of Assembly and the RPA. Read up on dual citizenship and I am sure that you will find some interesting reading. Educate your self and be aware of the things you fight and argue over.

Have a great day.

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