With all donations raised so far, Rise Up Bequia has provided supplies to help over 120 displaced persons who have been seeking shelter in private homes and official shelters across Bequia. From Monday through to today, they packed and delivered over 80 food boxes to those in need.
Today, they transported a barrel of nutritious snacks, adult pampers, linens, toiletries and cleaning supplies to the Lewis Punnett home for the elderly. We also sent nutritious foods, meats, feminine products, and cleaning supplies to the Bethel Secondary School Shelter in Campden Park, currently sheltering over 60 persons.
Like always, Rise Up relies on the assistance of their amazing volunteers and friends who come out of the woodwork to offer more collective lifting and delivering power.
Rise Up Bequia would like to thank the Bequia Express Company, Kintay, David Phillps and Pastor Cato. Big ups to our fantastic group of volunteers Aariana Grant, Joelisia Ollivierre, Tianna Byron, Shakila Daniel, Chelsea Davis, Chantal Davis, Michael Peniston and Bequia Red Cross representative Joanna Stowe.
They are working on some exciting partnerships to get more relief into the hands of those in need. Above all, they wish to thank \ the big-hearted and amazingly generous people of Bequia for continuing to donate food, supplies and money. In these hard times.
Please continue to share and donate to the links one of which is CFSVG either by check or zelle reaching out to me at felicity.a.harley@gmail.com and through the avenues provided.
CFSVG would like to thank the following people who have so generously donated over the past week.
Sarah Friend
Ville Kansanen
MIndy Joseph
Joan Robin Jacobs
Liza Stewart
Valerie Ughetta
Ali Hall
Sarah Hall
Judy McCormick
Sheena Clarke
Clint James Marcelle
Robert Collis
Simon Benjamin
Lorenzo Golio
Deborah Anzinger
Anthony and Linda Strange
Caren Braiman
Todd Fischer
Betty and Livio
Karen Hinds

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