This is how we will get this ball going. So I am batting off the first one. My mother Deldie Bynoe was married to McDonald Bynoe. That makes me Bynoe and Gregg.

I was married to Hannah Stowe daughter of “Lucky” and Janet Foyle. We had one daughter Sharol-Rose Gregg.

Our daughter is married to Abbott and have two children. Do you see how the tree is spreading.

My brother Edward married to a George

My sister Madeline married to a King

My brother Sylvester married to Abraham

Bjorn is married with 3 children

Kenny married with 3 children

And so it goes on.

Wait so there is Uncle Clemie married to Doreen

Franklyn married a Derrick

Jefferson married to Rita

Cousin Elian married to Darrel Compton

Zetilla married a Bynoe

Uncle Isaac married to Doreen

Uncle Steadman married to a Snagg in Canouan. Look here ah wonder how big that tree will be

Pastor Jerome this whole family spread to the Tannis, Ollivierre, Kydd, Hazell, Richardson and the list goes on….

Godfrey Gregg

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