As the long awaited day comes closer all families in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and especially the Gregg Family are continuing the Christmas traditions. I recall my mother Deldie (deceased) would have us scrub the floors of the house and the outside of the house in preparation for the paint job. The colours were carefully selected prior to the month and everything was put in place to complete the job in time. on the other hand the hog was on diet to burn off some fat before the slaughter. All seasonings were carefully prepared under the watchful eyes of our mother.

Curtains sworn by our sister Yvette with her latest style and design. She was the decorator of the house with mother putting the final touch. The seasoning was prepares in the kitchen and in the dining room the eggs were beating and butter washing  for the baking of the Christmas  cakes and the bread. music in the yard with children from the neighbourhood singing the carols and our instruments were bottles, tins, pans and our mouths making melody. We serenade for cake and wine. The adults would serenade in the nights and they were treated differently from us.

Have I missed those days, yes and soon I will rejoin the host of villagers to understand the modern celebrations. Mean time nine morning celebrations has gone commercial and itis great advertising for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The younger Greggs are continuing the tradtions handed down by our fore parents.

In the USA, Canada and London we are having a different celebration in the cold. As I write snow is on the ground in New York and Canada. That will not stop the gathering and the families getting together for the celebrations. I am scheduled to work and I will honour my comittment to be present for my shift. Afterwards I will head home to relax.

I want to thank God for the additions to the family and for the protection accorded the family throughout the year and we believe that God will continue to watch over us in good times and otherwise.  From the bottom of my heart I pray you have a wonderful season and please, keep Christ in your celebrations. God bless you and keep you and may His face continue to shine of all the family.

Godfrey Gregg

PS: email your pictures to and I will post for the others to see.


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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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