Good morning the Gregg Family wherever you are located. The first day of March marks the beginning of the Lenten season with Ash Wednesday where various church members go before the priest to get ashes on their foreheads and that starts repentance for the next forty days. Other worshipers who do not believe in that doctrine just ignore the season.

Last month was Black History month and I want to thank our very own Natasha Gregg for highlighting us of our past history. Where we were and who we are today. We also delved into the transatlantic slave trade to the western world and the treatment our black brothers and sisters received due to a segregated world and “one sided society”.

We are making headway and our vision remains the same to accomplish our goals tracing the original roots of the Gregg family. It is time consuming but in time we will get there and everyone will be proud.

Please leave your comments at the end of these posts and email any information to greggsvg@gmail.com.

Have a great day folks.

Godfrey Gregg

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