Words That Inspire – CHOICE

A monthly quick shot to motivate you, in less than 45 seconds, from Julie Cohen Coaching
What CHOICE do you want to make?
the act of choosing, power of choosing, a person or thing chosen, the best part, care in selecting.
What it REALLY means:
making a commitment to what matters to you; acting on your priorities and your values; expressing to yourself and to others what you want and need in your life.
CHOICE moves you from stuck into action; from uncertainty to decision. CHOICE gives you freedom from ‘what should I do?’
Questions that INSPIRE:
• What CHOICE do you want to make?
• What is preventing you from making a CHOICE? What would simplify this CHOICE?
• What would it feel like if you already made the right CHOICE for you?
• What are your values and priorities that influence this CHOICE?
• What can you do today to act on this CHOICE?
I would love to hear your answers and comments.
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