GUILDING of St. Vincent


GUILDING of St. Vincent

landsdown guilding drawing

Rev. Lansdown Guilding (1797 – 1831)

Anglican Reverend Lansdown GUILDING (B. A. T. I. S.) was born 09 May 1797 in St. Vincent and christened there 29 May 1797. He was the son of Anglican Reverend John GUILDING (M. A. M. G. S.) and Sarah SMITH, who married in St. Vincent.

Lansdown GUILDING married first to Mary HUNT (daughter of Anglican Reverend S. HUNT of Stamford, England) before 1821. She died in St. Vincent in 1827 in childbed. Their children were: Sarah Jane GUILDING, Margaret Anne Frances GUILDING, Clarissa Elizabeth GUILDING, Mary Anne GUILDING, and Edward Lindsell Wingfield GUILDING.

Lansdown GUILDING married second to Charlotte Lydia MELVILLE on 08 December 1828 in St. Vincent. She was the daughter of Dr. Alexander MELVILLE and Margaret Jane COX, of St. Vincent. Lansdown and Charlotte had two children: John Melville GUILDING and Charlotte Lydia GUILDING.

Lansdown GUILDING is known for his early work on the flora and fauna of the Caribbean, especially of St. Vincent. He published many articles on the subject as well as a book titled “An Account of the Botanic Garden in the Island of St. Vincent”, published in Glasgow, Scotland in 1825. A talented artist as well, GUILDING drew many sketches and textbook quality illustrations of the botanic garden and the flora and fauna growing there that were published along with his writings.

Lansdown GUILDING died while on vacation in Bermuda on 22 October 1831.
*B. A. T. I. S. = Bachelor of Arts in Theological __ Seminary.
*M. A. M. G. S. = Master of Arts in ___ General Seminary.

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