Supporting Yourself Through Change and Growth (Part three)

Sir Godfrey Gregg
Intermediate Stage – Application
In the intermediate stage, you start applying what you have learned so far to implement meaningful change into your life.  You now move beyond simply knowing about things into practical application of your knowledge; you experiment with new and different ways of being in order to live it.  During this phase, you start connecting the dots in your learning.  With the experience gained from practical application, you start shifting your perspective to embrace new attitudes. On the spiritual journey, this stage finds you moving out of the intellect and into the heart, from where you start clearing away everything that is illumined by your emerging Higher Awareness as no longer useful.
During the application stage, you may try many different approaches to your goal before experiencing a sense of accomplishment. Clients looking for tools of self-transformation often experiment with different meditation techniques or forms of exercise during this stage.  Since practical application brings about real-world outcomes, you may also become acutely aware of the external environment in which you operate.  This heightened sensitivity can bring with it a strong need for external encouragement on your progress to build confidence and assurance. If not balanced with your personal convictions, this need for external affirmation can evolve into expectations of external validation that may erode your personal power.
On the journey of personal growth, you will spend most of your time in this stage, continuously challenging and clearing outdated beliefs to facilitate continued growth. Constructive feedback becomes vitally important and you may rely on a few trusted sources for feedback.  There is also a need to balance input from others with increasing responsibility for your own growth.  You take on more responsibility by actively maintaining balance, clearing out dissonant beliefs, aligning to your core truths and reconciling your inner life with outer differences.
 Continues tomorrow….
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