Supporting Yourself Through Change and Growth (Part four)

Sir Godfrey Gregg 
Advanced Stage – Integration
In advanced states of learning, you take full responsibility for your actions and your behavior becomes self-regulating. You have moved from the stage of knowing about things, to doing it, and now you are becoming it.   You no longer look outside yourself for affirmation, guidance and support, but find it through your ever-present connection to Source.  Listening and dialoging with the Divine Presence within, becomes an automatic, on-going process that facilitates personal diagnosis and adjustment in areas of imbalance whenever needed.
Functioning at this level brings about a keen awareness of your interconnectedness to all forms of life.  This emerging awareness makes you highly effective at being a positive influence for change, shifting the level of consciousness around you simply through the sum total of what you have become. At this level, growth or development may be incremental and may appear smaller, because the individual deals with fine-tuning and deep inner work that may not be visible to others.
The next time you feel a little lost on your path, take a look at which stage of learning you are at in the area where you feel wobbly.  Then, find support that will offer you appropriate correction and feedback for that stage of your process.  You’ll be amazed at the difference this awareness brings! 
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