I continue to encourage the fisher folks of Bequia to come together and form an Organization and I suggest “Bequia Fisher Folks Organization”. Coming together to discuss the way forward will not hurt anyone in the process.

You should emerge out of the discussion asking some people to be the organizers even though they are not fisher folks. Their main roles will be to set up, manage and direct for the betterment of the Bequia populations.

I am suggesting that there be a meeting on the weekend for general discussion about the way forward and how you can get all the fisher folks involved.

My suggestion is to work out your intents, record then and meet every Saturday for four continuous meetings, to launch the organization.

  1. The temporary committee will source information on the best radios (VHS) and competitive prices
  2.  Value of radios
  3.  Secure a location for office
  4.  Compile a report and how to fund the purchase of radios
  5.  Number of radios in the initial stage
  6.  Prepare to invite the Minister of Fisheries and the Constituency representative to discuss the plans
  7.  Seek Government funding and assistance in setting up the station
  8.  Compiling a Project proposal to seek private funding

I trust that you will take this project very seriously with the main view to save lives and keep families together.

Tomorrow I will continue the discussion and hopefully, something good comes out of this interaction.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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