I came across this picture on Facebook and it is very disgusting given the situations of flooding and loss of lives a few years ago. We are a nation that depends on foreign money through tourism mainly, and this sight is not good to the eyes. We need to do better as a nation and consider the people that are living downstream who will be most affected.

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While this is a worldwide problem like the great city of New York and closer home like Trinidad with the recent passing of Bret, every government must try to educate its people about littering. The bottom line is you litter and you suffer.

Some effect of littering:

  1. Clogged waterways
  2. Damage ecosystem
  3.  Destruction of low-lying vegetation
  4.  Destruction of bridges in low-lying areas
  5.  Strain on the Treasury and accountability is the operative word
  6.  Bottomline the destruction of infrastructure hits in everyone’s pocket

These are just some of my views and hope that we do our part as a developing nation. We can lead the region by proper example and the way we dispose of our garbage.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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