Vincy Mass is over and the task of cleaning the streets of Kingstown should be complete for the start of the work week. From all indication, it was a success even with the arrest of a Police Officer for the burglary of the Postal Cooperation in the sum of $75,000.00 ECC.

The Government has the job to work on the streets in Kingstown to make them ready for the Independence celebration and afterward the Christmas holidays. There should be no excuse for Back Street and Bay Street to be given a full facelift. North and South Rivers should be clean of all debris to allow a clean flow of water to the sea. After all, there should be a clean Kingstown for Locals and visitors. However, citizens must do their part and avoid the unnecessary littering in the streets and waterways. This is our homeland and we must cherish it.

After spending over a Billion $$ECC on the Argyle International Airport the proper road signs must be erected and the roads to and from must be maintained to create a very good impression for our visitors. Remember they are our best Billboards in advertising.

Have a nice day,

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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