Good morning Gregg Family wherever you are. Good morning St. Vincent and the Grenadines especially Bequia. Barbados how are you doing? Hey, London and how about Canada and the USA? Wow, it is such a nice day to be alive and well. Thanking God for another day.

Sending greetings to my aunts in Canouan and the home circle. My daughter and family, especially my adorable grand children on the mainland of St. Vincent. Hey, Racquel and the family in the Carolinas. Did I forget Rosedale in Queens, NY, and Huntington in Long Island? Hello, Toronto at Sachems Place What’s up.

Just want to big up all the family wherever you are knowing all is well and good. The paralegal, crane operator, nurses, medical student, domestic, hospital aides, carpenters, masons, supervisor etc. everyone is important. Hey, Edward, I want some fresh fish when I visit. Stay strong and keep the family safe.

Those who do not know Bynoe is my backbone of my father. So all the Bynoe family the world over in the military, on the seas and land whatever the job it is a nice day to be alive. There is an old saying that all Bequia is one family and it is so true.

Originally I came from the Tannis (just going back there, to give insight). We are from the Dewar and Ollivierre also. This is getting interesting when we add the Kydd to the stir. So we are one great family. The Gregg married into the Bynoe family, and the Quashie,  Abraham, Abbott, Compton and I will leave it there for now.

Have a great and fun filled day. Love you

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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