Good morning family,

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all AMEN.

Waking up early to the sound of rain drops on the window meant for more sleep, but I have to get to work on time. My motto is “Give us this day our daily bread”. So out of bed and said my morning prayer to start my day. It is always good to thank the Lord and to ask for strength for the hours ahead. You pray and sometimes you forget to mention a name, and throughout the day you have to be in constant prayer lifting up everyone before the Lord.

It is often said, that those who pray together will stay together. Therefore, the family must learn to gather together and pray to start the day even if you are not together to close the said day.

The roads in America are very dangerous to drive on and when it rains you have to be more cautious. Those that have to drive to work early hours in the morning are more at risk with blinded headlights and sometimes very poor visibility. So all my family that gets a chance to read this message before hitting the road commit yourself in the hands of the Lord for guidance.

The crowded buses and trains can be challenging with all the varying conditions you encounter. bad breath, musty odors, loud noises and many more things cannot mention here. You are strong and can handle the conditions. Have a very good day and take care of yourself. God bless

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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