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This morning I continue to pray for the people of Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This is the same weather system that drenches Bequia a week earlier. When it was obvious that Texas was its target I immediately contacted my Vincentian friend from Georgetown, living in Corpus Christi. Berry and I have been friends for many years before we migrated to this part of the world. He had made the necessary preparations and secured his home and went to work. Berry is a nurse manager and works in one of the largest hospital cooperations in the city. He is ok and messages me the day after the storm made landfall stating he was OK and his patients were well.

However, there are some disturbing pictures from Houston, Texas where a Nursing Home was flooded and the residents sat in the water helpless waiting to be rescued. I mention this because some people in other parts of the globe just love to blame others for acts of God. The situation in Houston in my view was and is still unacceptable. I work in the Healthcare industry and would not let my greatest enemy suffer in that condition. The fact is that your patients come first and the caretaker comes last.

Whenever there is an impending storm brewing my cooperation will declare a state of emergency. That means who are at work cannot leave and those that can make it to the facility should make it into work. We make patients a first priority. The upswing is that we are paid and sleeping areas are provided for us with pay to sleep.

With a greater threat of global warming to the Caribbean Islands especially areas already below sea level, the Governments should be proactive. My homeland of SVG has suffered major setbacks in recent years and the main (MCMH) continues to be a threat to flood waters. The government should make all remedial work to avoid another flood in the hospital. Remember it is the main hub and should be treated and maintain at all times to an acceptable standard providing good healthcare to all. The name of the facility should be respected and the father of our independence.

Our people that live up stream need to control their litter problem. They don’t and it becomes everyone’s problem when it gets down stream. Revenue spent to clean up litter after a storm can be put to other use if we do our part to be litter free.

These pictures show the Houston International Airport.

Later in another article. Continue to pray for Texas and reach out to your loved one hoping they are safe.

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