These three girls gang up to MURDER another in the Fairhall Area. I do not know what drives them to this extreme and the question I am still asking is why? What has befallen my homeland? How has St. Vincent and the Grenadines has fallen so low? Aren’t there any means of employment to occupy the minds of the young people, or are they just “follow suiting” other Islands or countries? We need answers to the rise in crimes in SVG and someone must be held accountable for the rise.

I am not bashing any individual nor am I laying blame on the Government or the Police Force, but something needs to be done. Gone are the days when everyone was your brother keeper. How involved are parents in the lives of their children? Especially those living under the same roof. Who is leading the “pack”? So many questions to ask with little or no answers. Too, much free time on the hands of the young people and it is often said that “Satan finds work for idle hands.

Does the church do community out reach or they are afraid to move into the neighbourhoods? What is influencing the rise in crimes? In the mean time a pastor, wife and daughter are walking free after burning a man with hot water. On the other hand, a man is in jail for possession of a fake gun. Where is the balance of the justice in our court system?

The news is frightening coming out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on a daily basis and it does not look good for investors and citizens that are willing to return home. We need all hands on deck to stem the wave of crimes and this is not just a police affair. Every citizen needs to be involved to help restore trust and good character in the homeland. Lord help us and keep politics away from this fight.

Sir Godfrey Gregg


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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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