Dominica’s Prime Minister Rescued as Category 5 Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall



ROSEAU, Dominica, Monday September 18, 2017 – Dominica is being pounded by Maria which has made landfall as an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane carrying maximum sustained winds near 160 miles per hour.

And what weather experts have described as a potentially catastrophic hurricane has blown the roof off the home of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit who had to be rescued as the rains flooded his home.
Skerrit, who had earlier in the day told Dominicans to take the hurricane seriously and ensure they were as prepared as they could be, informed via Facebook of his plight.

The message about his roof being blown off and the subsequent notification that he had been rescued followed several posts in which he reported on the ferocity of the winds brought by Hurricane Maria.

In his first message about the hurricane, posted after 8 p.m., he reported that “the winds are merciless!”

He issued subsequent updates, describing what he was experiencing.
The National Hurricane Centre (NHC) in Miami said Maria could possibly intensify tonight but some fluctuations in intensity are likely during the next day or two.

The eye of Hurricane Maria, which by 11 p.m. directly over Dominica, is moving to the west northwest at 9 miles per hour.

The NHC said that after passing Dominica, Hurricane Maria is expected to move over the northeastern Caribbean Sea tomorrow, and approach the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico tomorrow night and Wednesday.


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