THE YEAR 1957 WAS VERY GOOD TO ME. My parents were blessed to have me added to there family number 9,  and 3 years later completed the tenth. It was a great year and they loved me even when I missed death as a child they loved me more, something I only talk among my siblings.

Thanking God for this generation of the 60s and proud to be numbered among them. I never know that I would have been here today to celebrate with you, but I am alive and well.

First thanking God for spared life to be in the land of the living to offer praise and thanks for all that He has done in my life.


For the bad things that happened to me

For my survival

For a job

For my education

For my brothers and sisters

For my surviving aunts and nephews

For my daughter, son-in-law and her mother

For my grandchildren

For a roof over my head

For food on my table

For my Spiritual leader, clergy, and members

For my coworkers

For my friends

Thank You, Lord, for my parents who departed this life and in a better place and for my other siblings You have taken ahead of me including Carmen.

God, You have been very good to me and I praise You, for grace and mercy and keeping me from all harms and danger. Saying Thanks are not enough for you. In my darkest hour, you have been my dwelling place and a Rock in which I can hide.

Thank You, for 60 years and Your mercies endureth forever.


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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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