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Where have you been and why are you looing this OLD? Your lush hills and mountains are a beauty to behold but your city is like that of whoredom. Oh, Kingstown City you need a cleaning and a facelift, but there is no one to take care of you. The clogged river mouths and dirty drains are what visitors see as a first impression and the gift from Japan known in the City as “Little Tokyo” hangs her head in shame since it does not reflect Tokyo in Japan. Is there a problem asking Japan for funds to save its namesake. Funds that can upgrade the buildings and improve the surroundings.

Thirty-eight years ago the Central Police Station remains the same and has only changed Police Commissioners. The building is an eyesore to residents and visitors alike. We know that morals go with the environment. The face of the building can reflect the service provided. Oh. SVG we are longing for some changes to show your age. So we ask ourselves what is happening to our homeland. After The Financial Complex was built and with the rise of the sea level due to global warming and since the waterfront has been reclaimed, my question is … What measures are in place to protect the waterfront from severe erosion and are the rocks a proper sea a defense for the city?

After thirty-eight years Bequia is asking for the repair of a single section of the only road that links Paget Farm with Port Elizabeth and that call has fallen on deaf ears. Where is the heart of the Government when the cries of the people are not heard. Bequia has been faithful to the central Treasury and all they are asking for is the repair of a section of road. Yet, there is a great fanfare for your birthday even though parts of you are neglected. Are we better today than 1979?

Sir Godfrey Gregg


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