On the eve of our 38 years of Independence let us look back to see where we came from and the progress made under the different Administrations. I do not want to be political, but there is a vast difference in the budget from 10 million to over 700 million which is a vast improvement. I am not sure where the national debt stands today. I am sure it is competing with the national budget.

From the Arnos Vale Airport to JF Mitchell Airport, Union Island Airport, Canouan Jetport and now the Argyle International Airport is a great expansion of airlift and travel infrastructure. Improvements in the seaports are lagging especially in Canouan for the residents. A good rough surge and the dirt strip will be gone. While on the other area where the foreign developments are taking place there are ahead of any technology for modern facilities. At least the residents should have something to reflect a national concern.

I mentioned Bequia before in another article and there hasn’t been anything done with the seaport. What you see is what was done during Sir James Mitchell’s 17 years in office. With the rise in tourist via cruise and yachts the government should consider constructing an area in the Bequia capital for “dingy” and where other smaller boats from bigger ships can dock comfortably. This will require some level of security to avoid vandalism mainly during the nights. St. Vincent and the Grenadines depends heavily on tourism and the dollars are very sweet in the treasury. Everyone is required to do his or her part to get more tourist to our shores and I am suggesting to the government to launch an education forum to teach the residents of the island about the impact of the industry on each individual.

Road infrastructure is lacking and there are much-wasted funds on the repairs of roads. I will suggest that the engineers consider a complete stripping of the major roads and resurface, it will last longer. However paving roads with no drains is a recipe for destruction and there goes the waste of money. Proper drainage means longer lasting roads and that is a saving to the central government. The roads and drainage in around the city should be in “top class” condition. Around the Court House and the cenotaph is an eyesore.  We can do better if the wealth of the treasury is spread evenly across the country. Seems like most of the money is spent in North Leeward and South Central Windward with East St. George coming in third. Not a damn consideration for the Grenadines like they are no longer a part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I await the message tomorrow as we go into our 39th year and the plans to celebrate our 40th birthday.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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