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I read about an arrest made in the assault of the tourist who was allegedly robbed by three young men while they were visiting the Island. It is reported that an off-duty police officer saw the robbery and confronted the robbers and that police was assaulted by the bandits and the men escaped with only a “gold bracelet”.

However, the visitors continued their walk to the Botanical Gardens and did not report the incident to police. Makes me wonder a couple things 1. Was the bracelet real gold, 2. Was there a robbery, 3. Are the alleged witnesses ever witnessed the altercation?

Since there was no report of the incident to police how will the man arrested have a fair trial except the charge of assault on the off-duty police.

However, this turns out the question of crimes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is too high and something needs to be done before the Christmas season gets into high gear. Former Commissioners of Police used to detail patrol in areas where the tourists frequent like Fort Charlotte, the Gardens and other places of interest. I am not sure what is being done, but the fact that there are much more courts in the country than in the last 20 years tells me something is not adding up. I feel the resources are channeled in the wrong direction away from the police. There is moral decay within the ranks and a great political divide. The men and women are to be loyal to the people they serve and anything else is a failure.

From the death of Glenn Jackson, things have taken a different turn when comes to crimes and nothing is being done to address the situation. We thought because of the high profile man he was that the mystery would have been solved. I am calling on all partied to open the cold file and continue the investigation. I believe those responsible for his death are walking freely in Kingstown and their bloody hands still embrace their families.

These are my thoughts …….

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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