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This morning I had breakfast and headed out to my vehicle to drive 23 miles to my job  As I headed out I began to pray.  While this is nothing new, I often pray while I drive, I decided this morning, I would only offer prayers of thanksgiving.  You see I’ve been studying the book of Colossians and I’ve had an emphasis on Thanksgiving.  I wanted to try applying some of what I’d been learning about thankfulness. To only pray prayers of thanksgiving took a little discipline, as I was tempted to make requests as well, but it was a blessed time.  I thought a brief version of that prayer might encourage you…

Father in the Name of Jesus I thank you for this morning and the rising sun…

Thank You for my legs, thank You for the beautiful sun shining, thank You for the awesome people in my neighborhood where I live.  I am thankful for this life and new every morning You are there for me.

Thank You for this opportunity to drive alone where I can talk to You freely and having this spiritual contact.  How awesome it is to be all alone.  Thank You for my eyesight which allows me to see this beautiful creation.  Thank You for the beautiful birds that sing at my window.  Thank You for all you have made and given to me.

  I now move to pray about the tasks I have today…being thankful for how I will accomplish them and the reasons behind why they must be done…

Thank You for my family, who are loving and caring and supportive. Thank You for my car that will take me to and from work and to church.

  My thoughts now begin to lean on spiritual matters…

Thank You for the people that are in my life and for the words of advice and encouragement given to me daily. Thank You for my Patriarch and clergy. Thank you for the members of the church and my friends near and far who check in with me. Thank you for St. Joseph Spiritual Baptist Church and Deacon Roberts who broadcast live service every Sunday.

Thank You for the teaching I have received lately on thankfulness.  Thank You for my salvation.  Thank you for the work You’ve done in my heart.  Thank You for the areas where I still struggle, because they remind me that I need to surrender more to You.   Thank You for the little victories in the areas that I struggle…

As I turned around “Carmen Avenue” I see the entrance to my workplace. and the tallest building where I work. Thank You, Lord, for my Director, my supervisor, manager, and co-workers. Thank You, Lord for the administration, and how they provide for me personally.

     Then as I approach my house…I thank you, it is still standing to provide a shelter for me in times of winter or summer. How awesome you are Lord to me and caring for me even when I don’t deserve it. You are still God and besides You, there is none other.

I am grateful and thankful Lord Jesus. Amen.

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