Plot on paradise Caribbean island for sale – but you can only buy it with BITCOIN

A PLOT on a Caribbean island, near St Vincent and the Grenadines, has been put up for sale but in a big twist the seller will only accept a payment in Bitcoin.

Plot on paradise Caribbean island for sale - but you can only buy it with BITCOIN

The plot of land on Union Island can only be bought in Bitcoin

The island is a 13-acre plot of land on Union Island and a small airport links Union with other nearby islands.The island called Bloody Bay Beach is being auctioned off at 600 Bitcoin (£5.3 million).

Bitcoin recently breached the $11,000 (£8,177) mark.

The island is only being offered for Bitcoin for a “limited period only”.

And the team behind the sell of the idyllic plot of land say someone with just £90,000 worth of Bitcoin in March 2015 would now have enough to bid for the land now.The island has been described as: “unspoilt, unique and utterly stunning” with plenty of room to build on the island. As well as designs “for a collection of luxury cabins” courtesy of architect Seth Stein.

Union Island only has a population of 3,000 people and is located near Mustique, the private island of St Vincent and Grenadines.

It also neighbours Canouan Island, where the £100 million Pink Sands Club resort opened just last year. US President Donald Trump used to own a property on this island.

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Bloody Bay Company, the group selling the plot said: “Someone wise or brave enough to have got in early on the cryptocurrency phenomenon could soon be lifting their rum cocktails to toast the bargain of the century.”They added: “The new owner will be investing in one of the property hot-spots of the Caribbean.”

It is not the first time a big ticket item has been on sale for Bitcoin only as recently a £17 million mansion in London on sale could only be bought in Bitcoin.

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