January 6, 2018, saw an influx of visitors to the website and the majority were from Italy with the Caribbean missing or just absent. As we “sail” through the year we are hoping to post more information to enlighten our readers. As we approach “Black History” month which is celebrated in the United States of America we are hoping to tap into the archives of St. Vincent and the Grenadines history and highlight some outstanding men and women that adorn our landscape. We will also publish history for the Caricom Islands.

A page will be added where you can get all the stories with a single click of the mouse. Email your stories to and become one of our contributors.

Look at the statistics for 01/06/2018 and let us improve

Total visitors 97 For January 6, 2018
Italy 75
The United States 12
Germany 2
France 2 
The United Kingdom 2
Croatia 1
Canada 1
Portugal 1
Dominican 1

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