Within hours Sharol-Rose will celebrate another birthday and sure how time flies. The only child of loving parents Godfrey and Hannah are so proud of you. We watched you grow up into the lady you are today, very smart, educated, “witty” and a very caring and loving mother to your children. You are an exemplary wife and leader.

You are a lady who stands out from many and your family will always be a strong support and ever proud of you.


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In a few hours, you will celebrate your birthday and I have some advice for you. Let my failures be stepping stones for your future and God be your constant companion and guide. Lift your head high and walk with pride knowing that your help comes from the hills, the Lord who make this earth and the heavens.

Do not let any pressure sinks you or break you be a Gregg/ Bynoe/Stowe/Kydd/Foyle for there lies your DNA.

Marma and Pappy send their love to you and they are watching, I was looking for Lucky and Janet but my time was limited. On my next trip, I will find them and let you know how they are doing.



Your father Sir Godfrey Gregg


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