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The Parliament of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Parliament | House of Assembly

The Parliament of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is modelled on that of the British Parliament.  However, whereas Britain has two Houses of Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords and together with the Queen, make up Parliament; the St Vincent and the Grenadines Parliament is comprised of the House of Assembly and the Governor-General.

At present, the House of Assembly consists of 23 Members.  These include 15 elected Members (Representatives) six Senators, the Attorney General (a Civil Servant) and the Speaker.  The membership of the House may vary,  because, as is the case now, the Attorney-General, who is a Public Servant, and the Speaker of the House, may be elected from outside of the House.  In any case, they are always regarded as members of the House.

Speakers of the House of Assembly
The longest-serving Speaker to be elected in the House of Assembly was the Hon. Hendrick Alexander. The Speaker is not an elected Member, nor is he a Senator.  Neither the Speaker nor his Deputy can be a Minister of Government.
Name Entered Office Left Office
Hon. N.S. NANTON 25 May 1961
Hon. Emanuel Fatima ADAMS 24 May 1966
Hon. Othniel Rudolph SYLVESTER, CMG, QC 15 Sep 1966 7 Apr 1967
Hon. Charles St. Clair DACON 26 Jun 1967 8 Mar 1972
Hon. Joseph Lambert EUSTACE 4 May 1972 23 Sep 1974
Hon. Arthur Theophilus WOODS 2 Jan 1975 7 Nov 1979
Hom. Edward A.C. HUGHES Dec 1979 1981
Hom. Dennie WILSON 1981 Jun 1984
Hon. Olin DENNIE Mar 1984 19 Sep 1985
Hon. L.A. Douglas WILLIAMS Sep 1985 Apr 1989
Hon. Montgomery MAULE, MP May 1989 18 May 1998
Hon. Nolwyn McDOWALL, MP 9 Jul 1998 5 Mar 2001
Hon. Henrick ALEXANDER, MP 17 Apr 2001 7 Nov 2015
Hon. Jomo S. THOMAS, MP 29 Dec 2015 Present
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