Sir Godfrey Gregg

As time change so is technology and politics. I think St. Vincent and the Grenadines need to consider some level of reform to the Constitution to bring us in line with modern politics.

  1. There should be a standard date for elections to be held every five years. (eg. December 6)
  2. The leader of Government who in the most case becomes the Prime Minister should be on the ballot as such
  3. Senators should face the electorate and be elected to sit in the Parliament
  4. One senator for the Grenadines and the other five from the mainland divided in a senatorial constituency with an equal population
  5. The Governor-General can be nominated by the Government and a second nomination by the Opposition. Both nominations must be put to a vote and done by secret ballot.
  6. The Governor-General should be more involved in governmental affairs that just the ceremonial role representing the Queen
  7. There should be Ethical laws enacted to help stamp out corruption in government
  8. No elected member or senator should absent him or herself from the sitting of Parliament without showing good cause to the Speaker of the House and the approval of the Governor-General
  9. There is a need for more committee hearings to deal with many ills in the society
  10. Bills should be discussed with constituents for their inputs
  11. All financial institutions including Friendly Societies should be regulated under the Ministry of Finance
  12. Centralize government agencies
  13. Above all, there should be a system built in the constitution to stamp out corruption in every area possible
  14. The Grenadines must be given equal and fair economic development guaranteed by the constitution
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