The dust has settled in Bequia and everything is back to normal. From all angles and indications, it was the biggest Easter Weekend celebration on the Island. The organizers have their work “cut out” for the next year’s planning. It is my understanding that visitors surpassed the anticipated number and reached around ten thousand visitors on Monday. Some people visiting the island for the first time.

A new feature to the celebration was the morning parade, like Easter carnival. Port Elizabeth was transformed into a sea of people, while the harbour was like a puzzle with yachts. Every business was smiling towards the bank on Tuesday. I can assure you that next year will be bigger and better. Meantime the J F Mitchell Airport ad its share of air traffic and the people were like “Look another plane” and “another one”. Planes were landing like ever 5 minutes and take off about the same time.

St. Vincent has a new brand of rum called SPARROW which was one of the sponsors of the Easter Regatta 2018.

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Now you understand where the name SPARROW came to play in St. Vincent and the Grenadines RUM Heritage. Sparrow is well-known on the Island.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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