As this month comes to a close, we are nearing the time when mothers are celebrated. That special day is called Mothers Day. There are usually sad and memorable times for every child that is alive. What I will like everyone to focus on this time is a relationship. How can we make improvements with our parents that are alive? To those that have lost their parents (like me) how we can improve our relationship with our siblings.

I will love to see children take a more active role is spending more time with their parents, even though they are married and have their own home and family. In many cases, some men never give up on their mother after marriage and at times sent the wrong signal. This must be done in a coordinated effort with one’s spouse.

However, this most anticipated day should have the spotlight on mothers and even though you may be separated from your children there is a simple way to connect by phone or social media.

I trust that children will do their part to make this mothers day one to remember.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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