Good morning folks,

I am two days away from receiving my ten years button for service rendered to the Institution. I have been employed here since 2004 but worked for an agency until I became a full-time employee in 2007. I am actually in my twelveth year but the ten years button is handed out this time.

God has been good to me and has been my provider.

From 2007 I had eight managers and worked well to keep my employment. There are numerous challenges on the job but through it all, you learn the survival skills to stay put.

Well, it has been uphill and down the valley, sun, rain, snow, sleet or whatever the weather threw at you the work had to go on. Calling out sick could face disciplinary action and you could lose the sick time if there are not used within a certain time frame. The important thing is having the job to provide

So here I go and looking at retirement in couple months, really? Yes, I am serious about that and SVG will be my destination. No place like home and I leave it there ..

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