Mr Speaker,

Permit me to ask the following questions and lay them in the Honourable House. I hope the relevant ministers will give honest answers and address the concerns of the citizens. Mr Speaker, I am not in the mood to walk out of these chambers nor will I relinquish my position because this House knows well how to frustrate the members on this side of Public Opinion.

Mr Speaker here is my first question,

Will the Minister of Works state when last he visited Bequia and looked at the condition of the roads? Does the Minister of Works know that there is a portion of the main road known as “Bluff” will be soon impassable and that it will cut off the Paget Farm area and the JF Mitchell Airport from the rest of the Island? Mr Speaker, there is no alternative access and I will like to know when will something be done to bring ease of access to the people I am going to represent in 2020?

Mr Speaker will the Minister of Finance states the plans for a “soft loan” for the development of lands in Adams west of the JF Mitchell Airport and east of Moonhole?

Mr Speaker, since the Grenadines in more tourist, oriented and there are islands unoccupied for years, are there plans for the Government to acquire these Islands at market price and invite Mustique and Canouan Resorts developers to invest in Petti Nevis and Isle de Quart and create employment and reduce the high unemployment rate that is crippling the country.

Mr Speaker with the development of the tourist product in Bequia and the increasing arrival of visitors on yachts and long stay over visitors, will the Minister of Health and Wellness state the plans for improved services at the Bequia Hospital? Will the Minister further states when will Xray service and laboratory service be available on the Island? Mr Speaker, it is a shame that simple blood tests have to be sent to the main hospital on the mainland to be tested and the results returned in a day or two. Mr Speaker, will the minister further state in this Honourable House of Public Opinion the Government plans to upgrade the healthcare facilities on Bequia to meet the standards like the Georgetown complex on the Mainland?

Mr Speaker, will the Minister responsible for water states the plans if any for the supply of drinking water during the dry season or should there be a drought? Will the minister further states why is there a garbage collection fee and there are no adequate means to collect the garbage on the Island?

Mr Speaker will the Minister of Education inform this Honourable House of Public Opinion when the construction of the Technical School (promised over 10 years) will be built and the location? Will the minister further state how he intends to fund the construction without taxing the overtaxed citizens of Bequia?

Mr Speaker, will the Minister of National Security inform this House of Public Opinion how the government intends to stop the importation of dangerous drugs and keeping them off the streets of Bequia and save our young people?

Mr Speaker, I will continue to press for answers because I intend to represent the people without fear or favour.  send me your answers in the comments section and I will publish them for everyone to see. Mr Speaker I will come back to ask the questions to the Minister of lands and fisheries and the minister for cable and wifi.

Thank you, Mr Speaker.



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