Honourable members of the House of Public Opinion is open to question.

Mr Speaker, I rise to represent the Northern Grenadines. As this house is aware that Mustique is leased and there isn’t much to be done there except for the fishermen and domestic workers.

My question to the minister of Fisheries, Mr Speaker, will the minister state what safety plans are in place for the fishermen after the loss at sea a year ago of 6 workers en route to Mustique from Canouan?

Mr Speaker, will the minister deliver on his plan to meet the fisher folks of Bequia to discuss fishermen safety at sea. Since the big announcement a year ago, seems like the minister forgot how to travel to meet the people he represents.

Will the minister of Fisheries state how much fishermen will have access to the radio brought to assist fishermen in an emergency. Mr Speaker, it is my understanding that all fishing boats will be fitted with radios and link to the coast guard.  So far, Mr Speaker, only a base radio was acquired for the project and the lives of these fisher folks are still at risk.

Mr Speaker, I will refer the Honourable minister to an article and I will make it a part of these proceedings.

Mr Speaker, I am calling on this House to make funds available for the erection of a memorial in honour of all fishermen who have lost their lives at sea. Mr Speaker, I think this is a fitting way for an Island to bring closure and for the family to be at peace with themselves. Whatever land that is available should be forthwith allocated to this project and this memorial MUST be constructed in Paget Farm. If you do not do it now, I will raise the money and build the memorial in honour of those that lost their lives for just cause.

Mr Speaker, this government must show to the people of the Northern Grenadines that they really care about the welfare of all citizens of the country. This is the time to act and do the right thing for the people. I am calling on every resident to stand with me and help move the Northern Grenadines in the right direction for all citizens. I thank you, Sir.


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