Have you ever gone out to lunch/dinner and had the server from Hell!

I mean, you go to a relatively nice place to eat, maybe with your spouse or on a date. You know you’re going to drop at least $400 or more for dinner. (While that may not seem like a lot of money to you, for most of us, it is.) I am talking from information I received out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The servers tend to cater to who appear to be foreign guests, because they may get a bigger tip.
You go to the restaurant, get seated, and you sit. You sit. And you sit. Finally, after a while, you have a server approach you only to say, I’ll be with you in a moment! Finally, your server comes back and has this negative attitude, as though you are an inconvenience to him or her for being there.

The drinks we ordered was finished and no one checked to see if we would love a second. There were no appetizer served. We were totally ignored by the servers who were all white and we were black. Tables that arrived after us were already being served and we will never know why! This happened to a coworker and I at a restaurant near to the job. We were the first black guest to be seated and it took over a half hour for someone to take the order and another thirty minutes for the food to arrive. At that point, we asked for a takeaway container pack the food, paid and left.

Does any of this sound like a meal you have experienced in the past? Recently?

So where has hospitality gone? While I’m not saying every experience is this way, I am saying it happens more often than not, and we all know it! But what gets done about it? Who is responsible for making sure these experiences don’t happen again?

You are the owner, host or manager.

If you are not setting the expectations of how your guests are to be treated, then you are not providing the knowledge and education to your team for effective hospitality service. But more than this, you are creating a negative atmosphere in your restaurant, which is costing you money!

Have you ever wonder why your restaurant is not as full as it once was?

Look at your review and the comments people are leaving. We live in an age where technology surrounds us and word of mouth is much faster than it ever was. Guests sit in the restaurant and write their reviews before they are finished eating. Managing a business is not to sit in an office and give orders, but to interact with guests and staff. You will get the first observation and be able to make corrections or adjustments. You can also call your staff at the close of the night and compliment your staff or give the “heads-up”.
So if you are not teaching your team the steps of service and providing expectations of them and how they serve your guests, you are costing your business money! Take the time, find out how to provide the knowledge of hospitality to your guests and share it with your team.

Hospitality is about serving, providing, and caring. But most of all, it’s about people.

You can follow the Host and Manager of SUNBURST APARTMENTS how guests are treated and the mouth to ear advertisement. Sharol and Lemuel are leaders in the business and make sure the guests are satisfied. you can read the reviews and judge for yourself. Sometime in the future, they may be the proud owners of a restaurant and there will be a new scope of the word HOSPITALITY.



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