Sir Godfrey Gregg

Who was responsible for these words while in opposition?

“So that when you call James Mitchell name, when you call Randolph Toussaint name, you associate them in historical terms with the tremendous growth of cocaine and drugs in this country in the sense that they have the responsibility to stop the drugs from coming in. If they do not stop the cocaine coming in, it has to be their fault because they are in charge of the security arrangements so to do. And one of the first responsibilities of any serious government is to provide proper security for its citizens,”

So who has the power to stop the drugs and killings in St. Vincent and the Grenadines can STOP it now or recall the statement.

Mitchell and Toussaint are not incharge of anything now but their personal business. There is a Government and Police Commissioner who should act and act now.

When in opposition many things are sponen on platforms and forgotten when in Government.  However, you cannot withdraw a spoken word. Many times they come back to bite us where it stings the hardest.

Any political Party that takes the reigns of Government is responsible for what they inherit and they have to deal with it  and keep the citizens safe. To blame a previous administration and create any situation for future government is not a wise choice. Therefore,  the current affairs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines lies solely in the lap of the ULP Government.  They either fix it or continue to break it.

May heaven helps us how we forgot so easily.

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