Hey family and good morning to you. I trust that every home is intact and no lives lost. Thanking God for keeping us together as a single unit.

To all the folks in Bequia, I am giving notice of my intention to contest the next general elections as an independent candidate. I will be home in time to set up and meet all the requirements to file the necessary papers. My campaign will be immediate as I arrive on the island. I believe that I the family will give me all the support and I will be making this step on behalf of all the people.

The people of the Northern Grenadines have been misrepresented for too long and we have to change the status quo.

I will be running with new ideas that will impact the lives of each resident on the Island and improvements will not be a suggestion but a fulfilment for you and the future of your children.

Have a great day and leave me your comments.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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