It appears that there is a competition in the islands or in Caricom as to which island can commit the most crime (my opinion). Yesterday I read where a professor from Jamaica is prediction a wave of violent crimes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines within the year. I thought the professor was on a campaign mission. Before the ink dried on that story a young Pastor was murdered in his church in Jamaica before his congregation.

That professor owes SVG an apology. Crimes are elevated with the development of a country and with poverty. Who can you blame for the actions of these people who do not want to work? Everyone cannot be a civil servant, nor a lawyer, accountant, police, nurse or teacher to name a few. There are hotel jobs, restaurant, construction, labourers, farmers, gardeners etc. Many people have decided not to work because they are bent on other mission to defraud those that work, the government and other establishments.

Who can you blame for the actions of others may it be an individual, solicitor, government etc. Each person has a mind of their own and works accordingly to satisfy their ego or habit. The time that others are criticized for the life they live, that time should be used to educate others and cause a positive impact on the lives of individuals.

I personally do not see anyone, group, government, opposition or church that can stop the crimes in the country. Policies may be put in place to curb individuals and so reduce the rap sheets of criminals. You will not be able to wipe it out. I believe if capital punishment were carried out on the islands that could have been a deterrent to the crime of murder. That is why all the islands need to be part of the CCJ. I believe that all these islands that makeup Caricom and are Independent cannot continue re-colonisation with the Queen as Head of State and the Privy Council as the final court system. Those that are opposing the CCJ have their own agenda. It is time for the islands to move on and come together to write comprehensive criminal laws to protect the citizens of our islands.


 Independent Candidate.

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