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Sometimes, we can’t see our progress. We live our lives every day and can’t see how much has changed. I think we all need a piece of reality every once in a while, some item to show us how far we have come from our past to our present.

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We get so lost in trying to get gratification for our work right away that we forget our small progressive steps. And then, we get a reality check, we see a piece of our past that shows us that everything we’ve done thus far has been worth it. Maybe you see a piece of writing that you wrote a few years ago, a sketch from the past, or even, like me, you try on a pair of pants that you haven’t worn in a few months. And suddenly, everything has become worth it. Your struggle becomes your success.

All those days you felt like giving up but you didn’t mark the pathway to your future. So keep trying, day after day and look back to the past with a smile.

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