Sir Godfrey Gregg

Courage is making a difference in your life and in the world;
Courage is standing up for yourself and against injustice;
Courage is appreciating differences despite what others think;
Courage is taking risks no matter how terrified you are;
Courage is daring to do what most people are afraid of doing;
Courage is standing tall after the hardest fall;
Courage is starting fresh after you lost everything you owned;
Courage is living every day with a purpose despite obstacles;
Courage is getting up and voicing your opinion without fear;
Courage is accepting change, moreover being the change;
Courage is fighting for your rights even it costs your life;
Courage is apologizing and saying sorry for wrongdoing;
Courage is standing firm against racism and anybody who is racist;
Courage is taking actions to save the lives of others;
Courage is telling the truth no matter what;
Courage is spending your life towards improving human existence;
Courage is… (add your thought)

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