Sir Godfrey Gregg

Dare to be positive even when everything is falling apart.

Dare to smile even when you start your worst day.

Dare to fight for justice even when you are surrounded by injustice.

Dare to try even when you have failed more than once.

Dare to stand up for who you are even when nobody believes in you.

Dare to get up and shake off the dust even when people constantly beat you down.

Dare to continue even when you have no courage.

Dare to find hope even when the future seems bleak.

Dare to give it one more try even when you are extremely tired.

Dare to be stronger even when the earth is crashing down on you.

Dare to love again even when you have been cheated.

Dare to help others even when you are in need of help.

Dare to extend a hand to needy people even when you were alone during hard times.

Dare to be generous in giving even when you have not much to give.

Dare to feel good about yourself even when you think you have not done well.

Dare to be confident even when people around you are on the constant lookout to bring you down.

Dare to care for people even when no one cares for you.

Dare to be grateful even when you have lost everything.

Dare to be the first to thank even when people owe you thanks.

Dare to share your stories even when you feel they are not worthy to share.

Dare to be best even when you are surrounded by so much negativity.

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