Never stop loving,

never stop evolving,

never stop existing,

never give up,

never resist changing

never lie,

never stop telling truth,

never stop trusting,

never stereotype,

never judge,

never cheat,

never be manipulated,

never be enslaved,

never stop learning,

never stop improving,

never stop moving,

never stop kicking,

never stop innovating,

never be shy,

never conceal facts,

never obstruct justice,

never fight for no reason,

never stop craving for knowledge,

never stop keeping your head up,

never stop shooting for stars,

never sell yourself short,

never give promises you can’t keep,

never stop complementing,

never stop being thanking,

never stop appreciating life,

never stop being grateful,

never be dishonest,

never be a loser,

never stop working hard,

never stop dreaming,

never stop imagining,

never forget your past,

never think in the box,

never be arrogant,

never stop trying, and

never stop…

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