Sir Godfrey Gregg
People that can’t control their behaviour have a problem with discipline. But lack of discipline on body originates in a restless mind. The restless mind doesn’t stop because it’s not at peace. The mind cannot be at peace if the heart is in distress. A heart in distress is in search of love.
The less love is in the heart, the more thoughts are in the mind and the more troubled is life. We then look at what reflects back at us in the form of lack of love but it is just and always a reflection of what is and has been within us.
Nevertheless, we can’t love the reflection expecting it to vanish into love. We can’t love ourselves when we are constantly vanishing into the reflection. We can only understand that both are the same and in loving both none will remain as it was. In doing so, we lose our ego and our reputation but win love.
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