Melvin Banggollay

In the journal of my every memory
I remembered clearly every entry
When you debited my love to thee
As I credited to love you endlessly.

As we posted our heart’s melody
Every time we transact passionately
I willingly vouchered a love faithfully
As you disbursed a charm so sweetly.

I remitted in return deep humility
As you reimburse to me with loyalty
And post in the worksheet of eternity
A love that will never fade away.

In the cash flows of my love to thee
I invested all asset of love tenderly
With endless commitment and liability
To outflow great love for your glory.

We truly made business carefully
As co-partners managing diligently
to secure positive ROI in the industry
of loving, caring for each other till eternity.

We made some adjusting entries
To reconcile some ambiguities
and close every nominal impurity
to ensure better capital capacities.

And when we deposited tenderly
Our love without withdrawing our plea
We behold after 9 months an income
We cared with all our time and charm.

And as we go along with every cycle
Of loving and caring we got more disciples
Now lovely playing in their own circles
Learning the business of life in multiples.

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