What “If” than better “Oops”?
Can you ever think this what if I did this? what if we will do it? what if …. what if?

If yes then, unfortunately, you are in the right blog and right things will catch you rarely in life. What do you think? What about our life is? Our life is about always what if or our life is always about oops?

Both terms exist in our life but situations are different every time. If we can choose the right thing at the right time half of your/our life’s shit will be flushed.

Now, how to choose the right thing?

Its depend on you that in what way you think; Like if you are free and think you can’t do anything, you don’t have any job and blah! blah! blah! its your one way of thinking. What if you think of another way?

I have time so I can learn much more. I have time I can utilize in my efforts, I need a job but I have my own efforts and skills – I will be my own Boss.

Your heart and mind are two different platforms but in reality, there are two minds conscious and sub-conscious and that conscious mind will produce a most powerful feeling in the form of thoughts and we feel our heart is generating feelings. Such foolishness!

Let’s think with our subconscious mind, can you do that?

No, you can’t do that because it never thinks it just follows the rules or thoughts generated by a conscious mind.

So, whenever your mind strikes with if and oops just think patiently because both are important and we can’t follow our life on one thing.

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Author: gregg784

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