Never run away from your problems they say

They say never run away from your problems just face them and they will make you stronger.
I beg to differ, first of all never run from anything or anyone.

There will be a time that you will have to make a choice do I stay and make a go of this or do I walk away with my head held high and never look back.

There will also be that time when someone actions leave you with no choice but to back away from them, you don’t hate them you are not mad at them you love them enough to know its better to walk away.

Somethings will never ever go back to the ways they were and that’s ok. There is that time that you dig in and make whatever it is you involved in work. So that statement ‘never run away from your problems just face them and they will make you stronger.” does not apply all the time.

Every situation is unique in its own right. If it’s meant to be it will no matter what. If it is not meant to be that will become apparent. Never forget the experiences life has taught you and never stop learning life is terrific one minute and sad and hurtful the next minute but be thankful you are alive to still experience Life.

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