You are a drop of water in the ocean but you can become the ocean itself.
Truth is found in the ocean of silence, where one has to dissolve himself into Nothingness.

Don’t limit yourself to drop of water, come drown in the deepness of heart and become the ocean.

Knowing the death as life is, and Known dying in every moment as bliss, then death doesn’t exist anymore.

Know anything from its root and it will perish itself into nonexistence of nothingness.

Beauty is in, just being what one is. Like nature, in competition with no one. Just be yourself and be free.

You are surrounded by everywhere, from the existence of God. But you seek it in sleep, awake and open your eyes, you may see, feel and be the existence of God itself.

Everyone has spoken only one Truth, but people are in Chaos with them because of their blind beliefs and low Perspectives. Change your perspective and everything will change. You will find “One Truth, Different Perspectives”.

You suffer from worldly pain or pleasure, doesn’t matter. Both are inside phenomenon attached to you and outside world. Knowing the Roots, Break this attachment between the chaos of two and step into the eternal bliss.

Don’t limit yourself to the outside world and worldly affairs, awake to the Cosmic Realisation of Oneness and know the universe inside you.

I don’t believe in the concept of God exists or not. I believe in Realisation of Cosmic Oneness and it’s divine nature of self-existence in everything and everyone. Which is beyond explanation and can be only experienced and achieved in Eternal Bliss of Silence.

Being Love is a true form of a being. Other are just misconception and illusions of thoughts and beliefs.

Don’t attach worldly things to your happiness, everything change with time, find bliss inside and it will be for eternity unhindered by time and worldly Storms.

Change is the law of Nature don’t fear the change and it’s consequences, rather learn to accept whatever comes the way, walk with it step by step.

Change can be powerful in changing things outside but it’s powerless if you know it can not move the mountains of your heart inside.

If you Stay unhindered Inside, Storms outside can not touch you.

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