Sir Godfrey Gregg 

You are too busy trying to build fame and get people to like you.
You are too busy for the wrong reasons and missed your purpose.
You are too busy with others that you neglect yourself.
You are too busy trying to please others and are left behind.
You are too busy looking down when you should be looking up.

You are so busy with work that you neglect your health.
You are just too busy without any hope and missing the mark.
You get too busy and will realize that you missed Jesus.
You are so busy worrying about what people are saying and believe it is about you.
You are too busy that there is no time spent with your family.

Make time for yourself in 2020 and enjoy a better life with your family, church and yourself.
Love yourself and enjoy life before you regret your purpose.
Love the rewards for the right reasons.
Make 2020 looks better and feels better for you.
Others will join in when they see what you’re doing for yourself.

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