Deldie Gregg-Bynoe
Elian Gregg-Compton
Henrietta Johnson
Doreen Gregg
Catherine Gregg
Albertina Foyle-Bynoe
Eunice Bynoe
Beryl Lizama
Janet Stowe-Foyle
Synda Bynoe
Carmen Gregg
Rhoda Kydd
Marcia Bynoe
Lynn Bynoe
Yolanda Bynoe-Gregg
Pauline Bynoe
Dorothy Gregg-Quashie
Nellie Bynoe
Hilda Ollivierre
Delphina Kydd
Sydna Hazell

Evelyn Gregg
Anna Gregg
Edna Ragguette Gregg
Verona Pompey Gregg
Emily Hunt Gregg
Monika Gregg
Dorothy Gregg
Zilpha Gregg
Matilda Gregg
Luenda Greg
Valeria chambers Gregg
Wilhelmina Gregg
June Lewis Gregg
Glenda Gregg
Tabitha Gregg

Aunt Vergie Dewar

Aunt Faith Williams
Brenda Bess
Agnes Stowe
Alva Stowe
Aunt Missie
Yolanda Bynoe Gregg
Aunt Metalyn (Bobo)
Pearl Gregg Stowe
Aunty mistress
Aunt Gussie
Mabel Hazell,
Cousin Estella
Aunt Olive Dunbar,
Cousin Bajan,
Cousin Latel Hanson,
Aunt Iris Bynoe
Aunt Vivi
Cousin Vida aunt Alma,
Aunt Allice,
Aunt Lila.
Aunt Aileen
Mathilda Stowe
Daisy Ollivierre
Vashti Tannis
Eilean Ollivierre
Veda Ollivierre
Dolly Ollivierre
Lorna Ollivierre
Adelaine Gregg
Bell Ollivierre
Aunt Ester Hazell,
Aunt Petty. Aunt Louisa
Aunt Minelva,

And the list goes on and on the women of the Gregg and Bynoe families that are etched in the hearts of many and their children we remember you today on this day set aside to honour your service and dedication to family, community and humanity. You are gone but not forgotten. We daily remind ourselves and the younger generation of your selfless journey while here on earth.

Continue to sleep on while we continue to enrich our lives with your legacy.

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