St Vincent and the Grenadines Is Getting

a Major New Resort

st vincent and the grenadines resort
By Alexander Britell

A striking new resort project has officially broken ground in St Vincent and the Grenadines in a major step forward for the future of tourism in the country.

The new 10-story hotel will be the first hotel project on the island since St Vincent and the Grenadines opened its new Argyle international airport in 2017.

The $60 million projects on the island of St Vincent is called Royal Mill, the brainchild of a firm called A&A Capital and what will be the tallest building in the country.

The first project of its kind in St Vincent, it’s a significant step for the destination, the sort of hotel that could not have existed without regular international flights.

The latter now includes regular nonstop flight service from cities including Miami and Toronto, among others. Prior to the airport’s launch, travellers to the island typically flew to St Vincent’s then-regional-airport through Barbados.

st vincent and the grenadines resort

The 80-room hotel will also include a beach club and a residential complex, with a total of 15 private residences, along with 18 apartment units and two rooftop penthouse units, according to the property.

It’s not surprising that the project will be a residential resort, something that continues to be one of the hottest concepts in Caribbean travel.

Other amenities will include eateries, luxury shopping, a conference center, a spa, a large pool area and bar and a rooftop bar and restaurant.

It will be set in the area of Ratho Mill on the southern tip of the island of St Vincent.

st vincent and the grenadines resort

It becomes the first contemporary-style hotel in the country, a destination long known for its iconic resorts on the neighbouring islands in the Grenadines like Palm Island and Petit St Vincent.

The project is one of several by A&A Capital in St Vincent; the company has also acquired the existing Grand View Beach hotel, which it is currently renovating and soon will reopen.

For more, visit the Royal Mill.

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