Thoughts about Relationships


Many assume a relationship or marriage is the sharing of life’s journey.

Yet the journey of a life is also personal for each person. No matter how closely we are tied with another, our lives are always also personal in nature.

What is eternal in a relationship? (Even if it only for a single smile or for 50 years), From moment to moment, occasionally we rise out from our personal bubbles to truly mutually share a moment.

To have a lasting relationship is to embrace many shared moments as we also let life meander freely as it will. To allow for the flowing of these moments, rather than forcing the relationship to be about a static ideal or only one experience.

In this: every relationship lasts forever within these moments shared with each other.

From moment to moment, to be eternal in the sharing and not in the forcing of a length of time together is the key…

Remember to love each of those you have/will/do share moments with over a lifetime.

So a relationship is a dance between the personal growth of each person mixed to sharing of moments together. The balance of this dance changes dramtically on many different factors. You will find many relationship cook books that will try to give to the ideal mixture of everything. While you can use relationship cookbooks or experts to help find a starting point, it will always be upon you and your partner to practice and live against each other.  No outside material ever perfectly documents the exact spice of life required to make a particular relationship harmonious.  This is made more difficult by the fact that relationship spice  shifts/evolves with time also.


It’s tempting to define life to relationships.

Live now:
Letting relationships flow…
To let separate personal realities dance together.

To do so, is to discover connections that can move with and endure a lifetime…

Something which few people understand or accept.

In other words:

It’s never about the Relationship rather it’s all about the Relationship.

It may seem the same upon the first reading: but the truth is in how you hold and flow with the word, relationship, that will determine if you make the distance with your relationships.

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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